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Disciplined Efficient Confident
Our Style
Disciplined: Discipline requires employees to strengthen individual accomplishment, strictly according to the rules and regulations, and never allowed to infringe the company rights. This is the basic requirement for employees, which is also the prerequisite of executing company policies and regulations.
Efficient:each employee of rainbow should be conscientious and meticulous. Everyone should fully understand and strictly carry out the basic regulations and work procedure during their work. Time is money and efficiency is life. We are in pursuit of high efficiency and high benefits. Each job should have a clear standard and punctual time limit.
Confident: self-confidence is very important for everyone, which enables the people to be vigorousand keep optimistic forever. It can inspire the Rainbow’s growth, which is the necessary factor to success for the company. Peaceful refers to keeping calm to face the various changes. People with peaceful mind alway shave good interpersonal relationships and able to deal with various working situations. It is also one of important factors for Rainbow’s success.
Better quality by responsibility, Higher value by profession,
Brighter future by innovation, Stronger team by company culture.
Our Spirit
The sense of responsibility is a reliable path to success. It brings courage, wisdom, and strength. Numerousteams of the enterprise strive for the same target continuously, supporting and helping each other; all the teamskeep onlearningboth internal and external sourcesand utilizing their own advantages by fostering strengths and circumventing weaknesses; extendingmind, creating innovatively; changingthe impossible to be possible based on the knowledge accumulation and the sense of responsibility. Rainbow will adhere to itspositive enterprise culture to create itsown era.
To create value for customers by innovative technologies.
Our Mission
Value creation is Rainbow’s core motivation. Only founding on technical and professional skill to create values for customers can we realizeour ownvalues.
To be a reliable partner of our customers.
Our Vision
Rainbow believes that it will not be able to long-term survival without the customers’ support and the development of the enterprise will lose its direction. The quality and service are the premise to win the trust of customers: enterprises should create values for customers continuously , satisfy the customers’ needs. and become the reliable partner of them.
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